Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is wonderland

Hi everyone!  Do you have some plans for next summer?!
Yes I do! Go to beach, picnic, BBQ, parties.. like same as you guys.
And I will go for a trip overseas for my friend's wedding!!
Gorgeous summer, whenever you go every moment is going to be fantastic and perfect like a wonderland!

  Wonderland dress
 Short sleeves and  trompe l'oeil collar with wonderland pattern. Easy fit for waist.

Size :  M - L (NZ) 
Color : Wonderland Pink / Black 

        Stretch back waist                                                    Shell buttons

: I also sell charity scarf and bags for Christchurch New Zealand and Japan.
     50% commission on sale will go to ' Red cross New Zealand '
If you are retailer or buyer and would like to place and order, please contact me!

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