Monday, August 15, 2011

Love & Peace


 Left(左)   Size :33cm × 14cm  
 Right(右)         :15cm × 14cm                
                 Cotton 100%
                 Price : $7NZD each +Shipping
                         ¥500各 +日本への送料
: I also sell Charity scarf and bags for Christchurch New Zealand and Japan.
     50% commission on sale will go to ' Red cross New Zealand '
 Mikkiは、クライストチャーチ&日本への 「チャリティー・スカーフ」、「チャリティー・バッグ」

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea time♪

 Snack Mats


 Size :15cm × 15cm  
 Cotton 100%
 Price : $7NZD each +Shipping
           ¥500各 +日本への送料

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mikki Living

Hello everyone! I have wonderful news!!
I would like to introduce my second designing line Mikki Living.
This is kitchen wear, bed wear and decorations etc..
I will design and make lovely homewear for your sweet home.
こんにちは、みなさん!! Mikkiから嬉しいお知らせです!!
Mikkiから新しい、セカンドライン  Mikki Living が誕生しました。

   -Mikki Living-

 Ocean Stripe Napkin 
 Hand drawn stripes. Tape is attached to the napkin.
    ひとつひとつ手描きのオーシャンストライプ。 リボンはナプキンに縫い付けられています。   

 Size :29cm × 35cm  Tape 30cm
 Cotton 100%
 Price : $16NZD each +Shipping
           ¥1100各 +日本への送料

Ocean Stripe Place Mat

 Size : 43cm×54cm
 Cotton 100%
 Price : $20NZD +Shipping
           ¥1400 +日本への送料

New Zealand Flag

Size : 33cm×34cmCotton 100%
Price : $26NZD +Shipping
           ¥1800 +日本への送料

I love to hear your comments and questions! Please ask me anything :)) Mikki

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It is wonderland number 2.

Hello Hello!! How are you guys?
Thank you for loving my Wonderland Dress everyone!
I really love the funky print. So why not!, some more for the selection!!

  Wonderland  shirt-jacket 

Trompe l'oeil collars. トロンプルイユ(だまし絵)のような襟

Look like wearing a shirt and jacket but it is one top.

    Wonderland pants 


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Any questions or requests?  A lot of comments are welcome!!
Mikki xxx