Sunday, March 20, 2011

Huge love for Japan!

Hi everyone!  I made the bag for my sweet Japan!
It is made of  Japanese fabric.
I thought this is something I can do for them.

Cotton 100%


*50% commission on sale will go to ' JAPANESE RED CROSS '


  1. Hi Miki - Well done these are beautiful bags - and a beautiful idea. Please can I buy one and I will use it at school. Love Judy xx

  2. Hi Paul and Judy!
    That's wonderful! Thank you very much!
    I will send the details for payment to your e-mail.
    I hope you will enjoy using this bag at school!
    Thank you again Judy!
    Love Mikki xx

  3. Hi Miki, can I also buy one? It's gorgeous. My e-mail address is: :)

  4. Hi Sammypants!!
    Thank you very much Sammy:))!!
    Also I checked your Blog! it is really cool!!
    I appreciate your sweetness for JP donation..
    Your words from facebook helped me a lot too..
    Plz check your e-mail later! it will get the details of bag!
    Love Mikki xoxo

  5. Hi Mikki san
    do you still have some left?
    can i buy one too, please?

  6. Hi Bako san!!
    Yes I am happy to make one for you :))
    Thank you very much and I would like to email you details for payment of the bag so please contact me at